is the ancient practice of chanting or singing verses of mantra, mainly from the Vedic and Hindu traditions.

Whilst they celebrate the Divine nature in all, the true power manifests in the actual intoning of the Sanskrit syllables, which have a mystical transformative effect on the individual. This practice is totally non religious and inclusive of all people.

In singing these beautiful songs, we open our hearts to discover a deep love for all and enjoy the profound meditative peace and bliss of being free of the troublesome mind. Eventually we become centred in our real Self - which is the goal of all yogas - union with the Divine essence.

Kirtan has been described as the best spiritual practice for this age by many masters. Sitting for successful meditation can be wonderful, but for most of us it is very difficult and often impossible. Chanting kirtan on the other hand, is easy for everyone, and always deeply effective !!


Pete found the path of yoga over 35 years ago, studied with various yogis and masters  and became a hatha yoga teacher. In 1987 he met a great guru and has since followed the traditions of Bhakti and Nada yoga, (the yogas of devotion, love and mystical sound) becoming a Kirtan and mantra leader.

His aspiration is to help people find their true Selves through the communal chanting of these sacred soundscapes.



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NEW RELEASE ! Recently re-found 2010 india recordings of my devotional songs presumed lost.... so, very excited to share this album !

     Satchitananda Ma